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Newly submitted health claim questions by the public to the website are prioritised based on how often the question is asked, how serious the consequences might be if someone acted on the claim, the potential for spread of the claim and the potential for improving health decisions by answering the claim.

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  • Can large doses of Vitamin C prevent COVID-19?

  • Does taking Vitamin D prevent COVID-19?

  • Are children at less risk of contracting COVID-19 than adults?

  • Does a high BMI increase vulnerability to COVID-19?

  • Can wearing eye glasses prevent infection from COVID-19 in the general public?

  • Does flying increase the risk of contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus?

  • Is the COVID-19 vaccine unsafe because it was developed so quickly?

  • Does taking Vitamin D treat COVID-19?

  • Can large doses of Vitamin C treat COVID-19?